Terms and Conditions Crates

Scapers LLC not responsible for damages to pavement, curbing, landscaping, sidewalk or turf underneath or within path of drop for delivery or pick up. To secure necessary permits if required. To provide unobstructed access upon delivery and pick up. Payment of $125.00 per trip for return dry run trip. Payment of $150.00 minimum to relocate Storage Crate to a location other that where dropped. Payment of $175.00 minimum to relocate Storage Crate to alternate address. Payment of 1.5% interest monthly on accounts/invoices past 30 days. Payment in connection of attempted collection of any late or delinquent payment of this invoice whether litigation is commenced, including representation in any bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership proceedings of renter. Payment for any loss or damage suffered as a result of Renters breach of this Agreement, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred to enforce this Agreement. To bear responsibility and liability for all loss or damage to Storage Crate while onsite. Scapers LLC. reserves the right to pick up Storage Crate at any time if we feel account is delinquent and charge you for all applicable charges at that time. Scapers LLC. is not responsible for security of property at any time. By signing this agreement renter acknowledges that Scapers LLC. holds a lien against all property stored in Storage Crate. If account is delinquent for 45 days, Scapers LLC. will pick up Storage Crate, store at Scapers Facility for a 30 day holding period. If account is not brought current after this 30 day holding period contents of storage crate will be sold at public sale. Proceeds of sale will go towards satisfying lien. Signing this Agreement gives Scapers LLC the right to charge your credit card for initial payment, and as charges accrue after initial payment, which include weight limit overage fees. Scapers LLC reserves the right to pick up dumpster at any time and charge the credit card for outstanding charges.