Scapers Dumpster Rentals

Storage Crate

Storage Crate

Storage Dimensions:

  • 20ft x 8ft x 8.5ft
  • Enclosed


  • Secured Storage
  • Monthly Rental
  • Pick up and delivery fee

Price: $100.00/month

Delivery Fee: $165.00

Pick up Fee: $165.00

Scapers Storage Crates are portable, delivered to you for onsite storage. Storage Crates are 8ft wide x 20ft long x and 8ft tall. The size of our storage crates makes it easy to store tools, equipment, furniture, and other belongings securely. Storage crates are rented on a monthly basis for the conveniences of your schedule. Storage crates can also provide extra space while remodeling or while cleaning up after flood/water damage.

If you are interested in one of our Storage Crates, you can give us a call at (314) 565-8830 or email us at