BusinessKyle Kraft - Chief Everything Officer at Scapers
Kyle Kraft - Chief Everything Officer at Scapers

Kyle – Kyle is the Chief Everything Officer at Scapers and ensures the team has the equipment they need to be the best dumpster service in St. Louis. He earned his BS in AG Business from Southeast Missouri State. Kyle brings an out-of-the-box mindset, problem solving skills, and a willingness to take risks to Scapers. His dynamic personality, passion, and encouragement bring out the best in the Scapers’ team. Off the job, Kyle enjoys driving side x side ATVs, going camping, and eating BBQ.

Brandy Cronin – Manager Scapers LLC

Brandy – We call her the Office Overlord because Brandy manages the ins and outs of the entire office. Her daily load includes acting as the dispatcher, managing all the financial aspects of the business, stocking the office supplies, hiring new team members, and helping Rocko with collections. She has over 20 years of experience in customer care and the customers are truly her favorite part of the job. When she is not working, Brandy can be found sipping a Diet Coke, sitting on her back porch, or hanging out with her family.

Caroline Satterfield

Caroline – With over 20 years of experience in the customer service industry, Caroline is a skilled and organized office assistant at Scapers. She schedules pickups and deliveries, provides customer assistance, and completes data entry. Caroline has a BA in studio art and an MBA in business administration. She greatly enjoys the company of her co-workers and loves working for a business where no one feels like a number. Outside of work, Caroline spends her time hanging out with family, traveling, and doing arts and crafts.

Rocko -Head of Security Scapers LLC

Rocko – The office always stays safe under the watchful eye of Rocko. He is the Head of Security and Collections. If you have not paid your bills, be prepared for him to woof at you. Rocko is a great guard dog and an even better napper. He can smell food from a mile away, so he cannot be trusted with watching over snacks. Getting 24/7 attention is Rocko’s favorite part of the job. His hobbies include shredding tennis balls, riding in the truck, and chewing on furniture when left home alone (which is why he had to get a job at Scapers).

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