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We are passionate about helping our customers minimize their hassles and maximize their productivity. Scapers provides affordable dumpster rental services to both residential consumers and commercial contractors in the Arnold, MO metropolitan area. As a locally owned and family operated business, we are deeply invested in our relationships with customers, making sure to provide fast, personal, and reliable service every time.


Customer Testimonials

To have one guy come in and take care of all of your different needs is a HUGE win.

Xavier Joerger

It's really important for companies like us to have partners like Scapers, where it's not just about how much money we're spending with him or how much business we're doing with him...he truly does care about us.

Kevin Thole

Anybody who asks who we use for dumpsters we recommend Kyle and Scapers. It's mainly the service. The delivery time is second to none, and the response to any emails or phone calls is right away.

Phil Richardson

Painless process!

Here's what to expect when ordering


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Select Your Dumpster

You can reserve a dumpster by filling out our online form or giving us a call. Tell us the dumpster you need, the location for delivery, and the desired rental period. After your payment is processed, our Scapers staff will confirm your rental via email and phone.


Select Dumpster Receive DumpsterReturn Dumpster

Receive Your Dumpster

Your dumpster is on the way! We can provide text updates with the delivery ETA to keep you informed.


Select Dumpster Receive DumpsterReturn Dumpster

Return Your Dumpster

When your job is complete, give us a call to arrange pickup.

Do we service your area?

You can search the city list below or contact us at

(314) 565 – 8830


Missouri Service Areas

  • Affton, MO 63123
  • Arnold, MO 63010
  • Augusta, MO 63332
  • Ballwin, MO 63021
  • Bella Villa, MO 63125
  • Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO 63137
  • Bellerive, MO 63121
  • Bel-Nor, MO 63121
  • Bel-Ridge, MO 63121
  • Berkeley, MO 63134
  • Beverly Hills, MO 63121
  • Black Jack, MO 63033
  • Boles, MO 63055
  • Breckenridge Hills, MO 63114
  • Brentwood, MO 63144
  • Bridgeton, MO 63044
  • Calverton Park, MO 63135
  • Cedar Hill, MO 63016
  • Champ, MO 63043
  • Charlack, MO 63114
  • Charlack, MO 63114
  • Clarkson Valley,Clayton. MO 63105
  • Clayton. MO 63105
  • Concord, MO 63123
  • Crestwood, MO 63126
  • Creve Coeur, MO 63141
  • Des Peres, MO 63131
  • Desoto, MO 63020
  • Ellisville, MO 63011
  • Eureka, MO 63025
  • Fenton, MO 63026
  • Ferguson, MO 63135
  • Festus, MO 63028
  • Flint Hill, MO 63136
  • Florissant, MO 63031
  • Foristell, MO 63348
  • Frontenac, MO 63131
  • Glen Echo Park, MO 63121
  • Glencoe, MO 63038
  • Glendale, MO 63122
  • Grantwood Village, MO 63123
  • Gray Summit, MO 63039
  • Green Park, MO 63123
  • Greendale, MO 63121
  • Hanley Hills, MO 63133
  • Harvester, MO 63304
  • Hazelwood, MO 63042
  • High Ridge, MO 63049
  • Hillsdale, MO 63121
  • Hillsboro, MO 63050
  • House Springs, MO 63051
  • Huntleigh, MO 63131
  • Imperial, MO 63052
  • Jennings, MO 63136
  • Lemay, MO 63125
  • Maryland Heights, MO 63043
  • Mehlville, MO 63125
  • Moline Acres, MO 63136
  • Murphy, MO 63026
  • New Melle, MO 63341
  • Normandy, MO 63121
  • Northwoods, MO 63121
  • Norwood Court, MO 63121
  • Oakland, MO 63122
  • Oakville, MO 63129
  • O'Fallon, MO 63366
  • Olivette, MO 63132
  • Overland, MO 63114
  • Pacific, MO 63069
  • Pagedale, MO 63133
  • Parkdale, MO 63049
  • Pasadena Park, MO 63121
  • Pevely, MO 63012
  • Herculaneum, MO 63070
  • Peerless Park, MO 63088
  • Pine Lawn, MO 63121
  • Richmond Heights, MO 63117
  • Riverview, MO 63137
  • Rock Hill, MO 63119
  • Sappington, MO 63126
  • Shrewsbury, MO 63119
  • Saint Peters, MO 63376
  • Union, MO 63084
  • University City, MO 63130
  • Uplands Park, MO 63121
  • Valley Park, MO 63088
  • Velda Village, MO 63121
  • Velda Village Hills, MO 63121
  • Villa Ridge, MO 63089
  • Vinita Park, MO 63114
  • Vinita Terrace, MO 63114
  • Warson Woods, MO 63090
  • Washington, MO 63090
  • Webster Groves, MO 63119
  • Weldon Spring, MO 63133
  • Wellston, MO 63133
  • Wentzville, MO 63385
  • Westwood, MO 63131
  • Wilbur Park, MO 63123
  • Wildwood, MO 63021
  • Winchester, MO 63021
  • Woodson Terrace, MO 63114
  • St. Louis City, MO
  • Saint Louis, MO
  • Saint Charles, MO
  • STL, MO
  • STL, Missouri
  • Maryland Heights MO 63146
  • Creve Coeur MO 63146

Sorry, we do not service this area.

Illinois Service Areas

  • Alorton, IL 62201
  • Alton, IL 62002
  • Belleville, IL 62220
  • Brooklyn, IL 62059
  • Cahokia, IL 62201
  • Caseyville, IL 62232
  • Centreville, IL 62203
  • Collinsville, IL 62034
  • Columbia, IL 62236
  • Cottage Hills, IL 62018
  • Dupo, IL 62239
  • East Alton, IL 62024
  • East Carondelet, IL 62240
  • Edwardsville, IL 62025
  • Fairmount City, IL 62201
  • Fairview Heights, IL 62208
  • Glen Carbon, IL 62034
  • Granite City, IL 62040
  • Hartford, IL 62048
  • Madison, IL 62060Maryville, IL 62062
  • O’Fallon, IL 62269
  • Pontoon Beach, IL 62040
  • Roxana, IL 62084
  • South Roxana, IL 62087
  • Swansea, IL 62220
  • Troy, IL 62294
  • Washington Park, IL 62201
  • Wood River, IL 62095
  • Waterloo, IL 62298

Sorry, we do not service this area.

Industries served


At Scapers LLC, we are your source for residential, commercial, and construction dumpster rental units for handling waste disposal. As a family-owned local business providing dumpsters for rent, we are committed to delivering first-in-class services you can trust. We have you covered, whether you need a commercial or residential dumpster rental in the Arnold, MO area.

Choose the Size of Your Dumpster Rental

Four sizes are available in our roll-off dumpster rental units:

The size of your project and requirements for waste disposal will determine, in large part, the size of the residential or commercial dumpster rental you need. Our dumpster rental period is seven days, which includes site delivery, transportation and disposal of waste, and emergency response.

Whether you need a residential, commercial, or construction site dumpster, we offer multiple styles and size options.

Get Roll-Off Dumpster Service Near Me

For more information about the affordable dumpster rental solutions we offer in the Arnold, MO area, click below, give us a call today at 314.582.8907, or use our contact form. You can also reserve our dumpsters online 24/7.








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Frequently Asked Questions


In this video Kyle Kraft provides a step by step, all you need to know tutorial on how to open and safely load your dumpster.

A common mistake made when renting a dumpster is getting the wrong size. Before you order, always make sure you measure your space and understand just how much debris you’ll be disposing of. This will avoid the inconvenience of paying for a half-filled container or ordering a second dumpster.

We recommend the driveway since it’s both convenient and accessible. Plus, our dumpsters are equipped with driveway-friendly rubber wheels. However, the choice of location ultimately falls on your personal preference.

In order to prevent any unauthorized dumping, schedule your rental for the day your project begins at least 24 hours in advance.

Always consider what you’ll be dumping before ordering a container rental, as certain materials can’t be dumped together. For example, we don’t allow gravel and fill to be combined with other materials. Additionally, consider the weight of your waste. More weight means a higher price. For the best results, contact us with your questions, and we’ll provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Since it’s against the law to dispose of hazardous wastes, it’s crucial to understand which materials you should never dump. Materials include chemical products, oil filters, herbicides & pesticides, radioactive material, solvents, paint (except wholly dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, partially filled aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze, refrigerators, petroleum contaminated soil/lead paint chips, tires, batteries, fluorescent tubes, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, dead animals, sealed barrels or cylinders.

It’s important to know that you cannot mix trash with yard waste in our dumpsters due to the different disposal methods and potential violations of local regulations. If you mix trash with yard waste, we cannot pick up your dumpster.

Ordering a dumpster rental can cost a lot, and prices vary significantly between one company and the next. Whenever you’re planning to rent a dumpster, always do your homework and get at least two quotes. Ask questions about additional charges since you’ll want to be fully informed of any fees.